Demand for Air Travel at Almost Three Quarters of Before Corona

The number of kilometres travelled by air travellers in August is almost three quarters of the level before the corona crisis. However, compared to the same month last year, there was an increase of two-thirds, reports the international aviation industry association IATA.

More flights were made, especially internationally.

Aviation growth was strongest in Asia and Oceania. Several countries there, such as Singapore and Thailand, reopened their borders after previous corona measures. Australia and New Zealand were also accessible again. If Japan will also allow tourists again soon, IATA is counting on further recovery.

The increase was lowest in North America. However, the United States and Canada have already largely opened their borders to vaccinated travellers, and domestic flights in the US have been operating almost normally for some time.

Demand for air freight fell by more than 8 percent year-on-year in the same month. That was an improvement compared to July, when there was a contraction of almost 10 percent. At the same time, cargo capacity grew due to the increase in the number of passenger flights. As a result, a lot of air freight is carried in the belly of passenger flights.

In addition, IATA notes that in 2021, partly due to disruptions in the container freight market, an extraordinary amount of freight was transported by air. As a result, the trade association speaks of “a stable market” while there are many fluctuating signals. For example, on the one hand, global freight traffic increased in August; on the other, Western economies cooled down due to high inflation.

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