Defence Minister US: World More Unsafe Due to Climate Change

The United States Secretary of Defense has warned that climate change also poses new security risks.


“Climate change is making the biosphere more unsafe, and we need to act,” Lloyd Austin said at President Joe Biden’s digital climate summit.

Austin called the climate crisis “very destabilizing” for the world. He pointed to the melting ice in the Arctic. According to the minister, this leads to more competition to obtain raw materials there. He said extreme weather has also caused billions in damage to US military installations in recent years.

According to Austin, millions of people are threatened by drought and famine in other parts of the biosphere. The mass migration of people fleeing the effects of climate change could undermine global stability, the minister warned. Refugees run the risk of being exploited or radicalized.

“From coast to coast and around the world, the climate crisis has caused significant damage and put people at risk,” Austin said. “And it makes it more problematic for us to carry out our mission to defend the United States and our allies.”

President Biden already presented an ambitious climate plan on Thursday. He wants to halve his country’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 2005 levels. The Democrat has encouraged the dozens of world leaders at his climate summit to take more significant steps as well.

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