Death Threats And Filth At The Moderation Centre Of Facebook

Death Threats and filth at the Moderation centre of Facebook. One of the locations where moderators are in place to assess reported Facebook messages has a diseased corporate culture. A dead person even fell.


Assault, dirty toilets and people who fear for their lives.

According to the report, then working at the Facebook moderation centre in Tampa, Florida, should be hell on earth.

Also, reported earlier about the poor working conditions at the Facebook moderation centre in Phoenix, things were much worse in Tampa.

Stories are coming from (former) employees, three of whom even told their stories in front of the camera.

It has never happened before, mainly because employees have to put their signature under a confidentiality agreement about everything that happens inside the house.

Tampa is Facebook’s worst moderation centre in the US: it achieves an accuracy score of 92 percent, while 98 percent is the goal.

Heart attack
The image is ink black. 42-year-old Keith Utley even had a heart attack at his desk and died a short time later.

According to those involved, he was under enormous pressure,

 there was no defibrillator present, and the ambulance found it very difficult to find the way to the office.

The sources then said nothing about death, to ensure that everyone would reach the target set.

It is the most poignant example of the rotten culture within Cognizant, the company that was commissioned by Facebook to take on the part of the moderation.

Eight hundred people work there. Or as a former employee said: “We were bodies in chairs.

We meant nothing to them at all.”

Threats and filth
Furthermore, those involved complain about an unsafe situation in the office, where the managers ignored death threats and assaults.

Someone even took a gun to work because he didn’t feel safe.

It is also incredibly dirty. The only toilet block for the 800 employees is smeared several times with droppings and menstrual blood.

On the desks it was not much cleaner: their employees found “pubic hair, nails and other body waste”.

There is also an invasion of bed bugs going on for three months.

Employees even had to report their toilet visits in advance and were upset if they went to the toilet too often.

It is all in addition to the heavy work that the employees have to do.

Every message that is reported as inappropriate is checked.

This concerns, for example, hate words, violence and child pornography.

There is hardly any mental support for these people.

There is also continuous dismissal above target if targets are not achieved.

Employees complain about sleepless nights, plagued by the terrible images of animal abuse.

Facebook response
Facebook announces that it will monitor its partner sites to promote employee well-being.

The company also expressed the ambition to outsource less moderation work to external companies.

It also hopes someday to give moderators advice after they have left.

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