Dark Future: Biography Does Meghan and Harry A Disservice

Do Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry want freedom at all costs? If you read her biography, you could see it that way. But, even if you let your side tell you, you gain nothing.


When “Finding Freedom” or “In search of freedom”, as the German title of the biography is, will appear in 2020, the expectations are enormous. Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand never tire of emphasizing that their work provides the perspective of Prince Harry (36) and Duchess Meghan (40, born Meghan Markle). And so there is eager chat from the sewing box, and the reader actually learns what happened behind the palace walls.

Yes, it is safe to assume that Scobie’s and Durand’s stories are largely true. Because in the biography, friends of the couple have their say who would not speak without the permission of the Sussexes. This is also the case with the new edition, which will be launched on August 31st. It includes an epilogue that recounts the events from the couple’s withdrawal from the royal family to the death of Prince Philips († 99).

The biography also addresses the latest scandal in the Windsor house: Prince Andrew is charged with the alleged rape of a minor. See the video below for the details of the case.

After the publication in the summer of 2020, there is great outrage among the British. Harry and Meghan’s popularity ratings are plummeting. The noisy public is on the side of the Royal Family. And it has not changed until today.

But one would think that after a year, there would have been some grass on the matter. Instead, the loss of Prince Philip brings the family closer together again. Harry wants to go to his family immediately after his death, spends a few days in Windsor and even speaks to Prince William (39) and Duchess Kate (39, born in Kate Middleton) in front of the cameras.

A clear sign of rapprochement. Which is now in danger! Because in the epilogue, you can read that the Duke of Cambridge was “angry” that his brother and sister-in-law spoke publicly about their problems in the royal family. After all, William had to comment on the racism allegations after the Oprah interview. He will probably never say anything about it again. So the fact that private details can be read again in the new edition pours fuel on the fire.

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