Dakota Johnson Has A New Smile On The Red Carpet

Dakota Johnson has a new Smile on the Red Carpet. Fans of Dakota Johnson were shocked when the Fifty Shades actress recently appeared on the red carpet without the characteristic slit between the teeth.


Now it seems that Dakota herself is also very disappointed with her new smile.

“I had a permanent thread behind my teeth since I was thirteen,”

 the 29-year-old American Tuesday revealed in The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

“Because my neck was bothering me a lot,

 my orthodontist decided to remove it to see if my jaw might have been a little bigger.”

The surgery turned out to close the gap between her front teeth.

“It helped me, but the slit also disappeared. I’m very sad about it too.”

The new appearance produced countless responses on social media.

Something that the actress can hardly understand.

“The fact that this is a newsworthy event in our world today is sha-ka-khan for me,” she told Fallon.

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