Crucial Things to Consider When Looking for Home Extension

From small to complete home renovation or home extension tasks require proper planning and careful consideration. Among the two, home extension mainly requires intense acknowledgement and attention as availability of the area; local construction guidelines must be followed.

Once you are ready with all the requirements, you must consider crucial things that will help you get a desirable home extension.

Reason for Extension:

First and foremost, ask yourself if you need a home extension? Well, there are multiple benefits of home extension; some of them are:

  • Adds Value To Your Home
  • Alternative To Moving House
  • Tailor The Design To Your Family Needs
  • You Do Not Always Need Planning Permission
  • Provides Additional Living Space

Now, you have numerous reasons to start your home extension process.

Decide Your Final Budget: 

Next to finding a reason, you need to decide your budget. Budget planning is an essential component of the home extension process. It will help you save time and putting efforts within available monetary funds. Moreover, with the decided budget, you can better consult with the home extension professionals and make a smart design for the extension.

Remember, you discuss your budget with contractors and consultants to avoid extra effort and halt in the workflow.

Consider Your Time Investment:

Most people don’t heed on time investment, but it is a significant component of your life. You must ask for quotations from different contractors based on their costing and time required. Typically, the entire process of home extension is bifurcated in a different process that is:

  • Survey And Design Time Before Planning (Require 1 ½ Month)
  • Planning Process (2 ½ Months)
  • Produce Working Drawings And Submit For Building Control For Approval (1 ½ Month)
  • Tender A Project (2 To 4 Weeks)
  • Mobilize A Contractor To Start (2 Weeks)

This prospectus will help you decide the best possible time to complete your entire home extension project.

In-house Services Availability:

Once the extension project starts, you require some essential services from within the house like electricity, gas, water, and a perfect drainage system. So, you should ensure all these services are available for use.

Don’t Forget to Acknowledge Neighbour Properties:

While planning a home extension project, you should never forget neighbour properties. Moreover, also consider what impact your extension project will put on their properties. E.g., you might share a party wall, any trees need to be removed, and many more.

The best way to solve all such neighbourhood hurdles is to consult with your neighbours and plan together.

Now, you are ready to take the quotations from different contractors in your reach. When it comes to quality, Extend a Space is a renowned name in the United Kingdom, proficient in delivering your dream home extension without worrying about local development regulations & guidelines.

Among all contractors available, you must prefer local contractors with a physical presence. This will help you build trust and ensure the right investment. Furthermore, don’t forget to reach online reviews before hiring.

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