Coronavirus Second Wave Continues to Rage in the World

Coronavirus Second Wave Continues to Rage in the World. It is very fast in the US in particular. In England, the city of Leicester threatens to go into total lockdown.


The numbers in the United States ring all alarm bells. Tens of thousands of infections have been added this weekend.

That is much more than was the case at the beginning of the pandemic. Slowly there is a realization that how the coronavirus is fought has severely failed.

“What we needed was clear and consistent information,” virologist William Schaffner told The New York Times. “We have seen the exact opposite.”

Texas, Florida and Arizona are currently the hardest hit. These are just the states where Republican governors very aggressively ended the lockdown and restarted the economy.

They have received a lot of criticism for this, except for President Donald Trump. He actually applauded their decisiveness. In those states, places of entertainment are now closed again.

Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to come to Texas and Florida for campaign meetings but has cancelled. He still travels but does not speak in public.

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