Corona Measures in Germany Extended Until May 3

Germany extends the strict corona measures until May 3. Only then are some relaxations possible, such as in schools. Smaller stores may open next week.


Chancellor Angela Merkel said this at a press conference on Wednesday after consultation with the federal states.

Furthermore, there is an “urgent advice” to wear mouth masks on public transport and when shopping.

Merkel again called on citizens to adhere to the restrictions in the fight against the corona pandemic.

However, what had not been foreseen from the beginning has been achieved, that hospitals, doctors and nursing staff have not been overburdened, Merkel said. But that’s just “a fragile interim success,” she warned.

There is not much room for change or rush, even if there are good intentions behind it. There is no vaccine yet. “Extreme caution” must be exercised.

At the same time, the Chancellor thanked the citizens for mainly complying with the restrictions.

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