Copenhagen Breaks European Record With Number of Positive Tests

Denmark is the biggest hotbed for the coronavirus in Europe. In Spain, the number of positive tests is increasing rapidly. The Netherlands is still seeing a decline for the time being, but the entire country remains dark red for the seventh week in a row. That is the highest warning colour.


The Danish capital Copenhagen tops the ranking of the European health service ECDC. In the past two weeks, 74,401 residents there have tested positive. Converted that comes down to 4030 cases in every 100,000 people or one in every 25 inhabitants.

Copenhagen thus sets a new European record. In August, the French overseas territory of Guadeloupe had 3,983 positive tests for every 100,000 people.

The fastest climbers in Europe are the Spanish regions of Extremadura and Castile-La Mancha. There, the number of positive tests increased by 180 percent compared to last week. In Madrid’s capital, the increase was about 160 percent, just like in Malta.

The number of positive tests is falling in every Dutch province. Zeeland has relieved Limburg as the leader in the Netherlands. Zeeland drops from 11th to 27th place in the European ranking. Limburg goes from 9th to 41st place. There is already an increase in the number of positive tests in Amsterdam and the surrounding area due to the emergence of the omikron variant.

Austria was the biggest hotbed in Europe a few weeks ago, but the situation has now improved to such an extent that large parts of the country can take a step down, from dark red to red. Large parts of Germany will also receive a lower warning colour. Romania is the best.

The corona card is determined every Thursday by the ECDC, the European health service to which the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) is a member. The organization looks at the number and percentage of positive tests in the two previous calendar weeks. For the new card, this is the period from 13 to 26 December. The European corona map has four colours. These are green, orange, red, and dark red from low to high.

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