Constituency Navalny Organizes Biggest Protest Against Kremlin

The rank and file of the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny are trying to organize “the biggest protest in Russia’s modern history”. The action is aimed at the Kremlin and for the release of the convicted politician.


The organization hopes to mobilize 500,000 demonstrators. As soon as these people have registered via the street protest website, it will be decided when the action will precisely occur. The aim is to have a date in the spring.

“If you are against corruption, oppression and political assassinations, help us get Alexei released,” the organizers write on the website. They point out that people are campaigning not only for Navalny but also for their own freedom and their children’s future.

According to organizers, President Vladimir Putin cannot ignore protesters’ demands when it comes to a gigantic group. Navalny’s supporters protested three times last winter. The demonstrations were broken up by the Russian authorities, who spoke of illegal gatherings. Thousands of protesters were arrested.

Navalny is serving a 2.5-year sentence for violating the terms of a previous conviction, which he said was politically motivated. The Kremlin critic had not reported to the authorities as agreed because he was being treated for poisoning in Germany.

Navalny’s conviction has drawn Russia into criticism from several Western countries. According to the Russian authorities, it is unacceptable for other countries to interfere in internal affairs. It is also disputed that Navalny has been poisoned. However, UN experts say it is likely the Kremlin was involved in the assassination attempt.

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