Close Associate of French President Macron Sentenced to One Year in Prison for Assault

In France, Alexandre Benalla, a former aide to President Emmanuel Macron, has been sentenced to three years in prison. In addition, he will effectively have to serve a year there with an ankle bracelet in house arrest.


Alexandre Benalla was Macron’s head of security early in his presidency but later resigned after being discredited. It was Macron’s first crisis as president.

The case erupted when Benalla cracked down on some people during a demonstration for May 1, 2018, falsely impersonating a police officer. Later it turned out that he had also been discredited in other cases. For example, he would have abused diplomatic passports, and he would have forged a document to be allowed to carry a weapon.

Benalla has now been sentenced to three years in prison, one of which is effective. He will not have to go to jail, but he can serve that sentence at home with an ankle bracelet.

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