China Would Like to Give Media Companies Access to Each Other’s Content

The Chinese government is considering forcing Chinese media companies to give access to each other’s content. They should also allow links to each other’s rival services, Bloomberg news agency reports based on insiders.


For example, Tencent’s app WeChat should make millions of public articles accessible on the search engine Baidu. In addition, the Chinese authorities would consider having the short videos on Douyin from ByteDance appear in search engines.

Douyin is a Chinese app similar to TikTok. It would be an unprecedented measure if WeChat and Douyin were forced to allow their content to appear in search engines. This would allow ad revenue to flow to Baidu.

The measure could remove barriers between major Chinese tech companies. It is part of a campaign by the Chinese government to limit their power. Another major goal of Beijing is to curb illegal activities on the Internet.

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