Carice Van Houten Conceived Pregnancy

Carice van Houten conceived Pregnancy for Attention. Gratitude to her character in Game of Thrones, Carice van Houten (43) has become world-famous and has no lack of attention.


Although nowadays she prefers to be at home with her family, she would have used to pull out all the stops to be in the spotlight.

She reveals how far she went for attention.

Carice explains that she did not feel seen at all before, and that is why she devised some extreme ways to stand out.

“I went to play the clown at school.

I even faked a pregnancy once to attract attention, “she says.

“Complete with a pillow under my clothes.”

However, this promotion did not help.

When asked if people believed the story, she replied: “No, not that. I don’t know anymore,

 and it is now a kind of vague dream that I can no longer tell accurately. “

Nowadays, Carice no longer needs to fake a pregnancy but is overjoyed with her family.

After the spark between her and the Australian actor Guy Pearce skipped on the Brimstone set in 2015,

 the two were able to welcome son Monte in 2016.

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