Canada, US and UK Impose Sanctions on Junta in Myanmar

Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom have imposed sanctions on the junta members in Myanmar.


In a statement, Canada says the three countries have jointly decided to impose sanctions.

The United Kingdom is imposing sanctions on the Myanmar Gems Enterprise company. Thus, an essential source of income must be eliminated. The US and Canada, among others, have sanctioned several members of the government and military command.

Previously, several countries also imposed sanctions on the military government of Myanmar. On February 1, the army leadership took over power in the Asian region. The democratically elected government was imprisoned. According to the army command, this was done because of fraud in the elections, but there is no evidence of this. The army lost a lot at the polls at the end of last year.

Major protests have erupted in Myanmar since the coup. They are brutally beaten by security forces, such as the army and the police. More than 780 civilians have been killed.

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