Can You Stop? This is Dangerous: Elon Musk Offered Teen $5,000 to Take His Twitter Account Offline

Elon Musk has offered a teenager $5,000 to take down a Twitter account about him. That account tweets every time Musk’s private jet takes off and lands, and the wealthy South African thinks that is dangerous.


It was 13 minutes after midnight when Jack Sweeney (19)’s smartphone suddenly lit up last spring. A private message on Twitter, he saw. From none other than the richest man in the world: Elon Musk. “Can you stop it? This is dangerous,” he wrote.

Musk mentioned the Twitter account @ElonJet. Every time Elon Musk’s private jet takes off or leaves somewhere that sends a tweet. Sweeney created the account and did the same for the private jets owned by Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. The accounts are popular, and Musk has 123,900 followers.

But Musk was not served by it, his message showed. Sweeney didn’t answer until the next morning. “You can, but it will cost you a Tesla Model 3.” Musk didn’t want to hear about that. “I don’t like the idea of getting shot by a lunatic one day,” he replied, offering $5,000 to delete the account that Sweeney says earns $20 a month. “Can you raise that amount to $50,000?” the student tried, without success for the time being. And so @ElonJet just kept on tweeting.

The student told Protocol his story and substantiated it by sending some screenshots. Likewise, what he sent last Wednesday that Musk has not yet read. “What I want more than the money is an internship.” Did he know why Musk hadn’t replied yet? “Looking at ElonJet, I think he’s on vacation in Hawaii,” the student said.

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