Brits Want to Question Musk About Plans for Twitter

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British policymakers want to know from Elon Musk how he envisions freedom of expression on Twitter once he has the platform in his hands.


An influential government committee says in a letter to Musk that it is curious about this. According to the committee, social media companies worldwide are faced with increasingly strict rules about the content they must remove.

“That’s why we’re eager to learn more about how Mr Musk reconciles his clear commitment to free speech with the obligation to protect Twitter users from online danger,” conservative policymaker Julian Knight wrote in a statement.

Musk is not required to respond to the committee’s request, but it is common practice. The information is used in the preparation of legislative proposals.

The UK government is soon to introduce bills to oblige Internet companies to intervene if illegal content is on their platform. Otherwise, there could be hefty fines.

Musk has $44 billion to spend on Twitter and wants to take the company off the stock exchange. The board of Twitter has agreed to this, but the shareholders have yet to agree. Musk has already announced via messages on Twitter that everything that is not prohibited as far as he is concerned should be able to be said on the messaging service.

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