British Royal Family Asks YouTube to Remove Video of British Prince William

A video showing Prince William ranting at a photographer has been viewed thousands of times on YouTube on Monday. The fragment is not recent but suddenly came into focus again.


The royal family then asked YouTube to remove the images.

About a year ago, a photographer wanted to take pictures of the British prince and his family during a bike ride. According to Kensington Palace, however, it was a private matter and the man in question did not want to stop.

Prince William was anything but happy with the photographer’s presence, and it clearly shows in the images taken. “You’re outrageous, you’re disgusting, you are,” he shouted at the photographer. “How dare you behave like that?”

It is not clear why the images are now resurfacing. They have been viewed by thousands of people in recent days. The British royal family has therefore asked YouTube to remove the video.

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