British Government Wants to Keep Coal-Fired Power Stations Open Longer in Winter

The British government plans to keep coal-fired power stations that were supposed to close later this year open longer to ensure sufficient power next winter.


With this, London wants to guarantee the energy supply in light of the war in Ukraine and the sharply increased energy prices.

The United Kingdom also wants to become less dependent on Russian gas for use in power plants. Currently, Russia accounts for only 4 percent of Britain’s gas needs, but the British fear that gas prices in Europe will rise even more if Russian supplies are disrupted. By burning coal, London wants to be able to compensate for these higher prices.

“In light of the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine, it is only right that we are looking at a wide range of options to strengthen our energy security and domestic supply,” said the government, which does not fear energy shortages.

“We may need to make our coal plants available to provide additional electricity this winter if needed.”

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