British Government Did Not Investigate Possible Russian Interference During Brexit Referendum

The British Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) requests an investigation into possible Russian interference in the Brexit referendum in 2016, the committee wrote in a report.


The committee accuses the government of “too slowly” recognizing the Russian threat. And further writes that the government at the time evaded an “active investigation” into that possible interference.

The committee, with nine members of the opposition and majority from the Upper and Lower House, has published the long-awaited Russia report.

The ISC suggests that the government was not aware of the possible Russian threat at the time and was behind the facts.

The publication was postponed for months. Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been accused of blocking the publication of the report from appearing before the December parliamentary elections.

The British government “actively dodged” an investigation into Russian interference, Stewart Hosie, MP for the Scottish nationalist party SNP, told BBC.

“There should have been an evaluation of Russian interference in the EU referendum at the time, and one should be now.”

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