British Airways and Ryanair Do Not Have to Refund Customers

Airlines British Airways and Ryanair are not required to refund customers in the United Kingdom who have previously had their flights cancelled due to the corona crisis.


The British competition authority CMA previously summoned the groups to give money back to customers, but the law on which the CMA relied is insufficiently clear about the rules in unusual circumstances. Therefore, the CMA withdrew the claim.

Air traffic was shut down for a long time last year due to the coronavirus due to travel restrictions and entry bans. Many airlines were kept afloat with government support. British Airways offered its customers an alternative flight. Victims of travellers could also receive a voucher. Low-cost airline Ryanair only offered passengers the option of rebooking.

The CMA was convinced that injured travellers should be fully compensated. However, after studying the relevant legislation and collecting evidence, the watchdog concludes that it will take long to bring this case to court. The outcome is also uncertain. The effort cannot, therefore, be justified, according to the regulator.

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