Boris Johnson: Better to Leave Europe than Prime Minister

The Great Britain will leave the European Union next year by January 31 at the latest if the Conservatives get a the vast majority in the elections, says British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The elections are on December 12.


Inside the Johnson, his and polls celebration are going to get a large vast majority within the British Home of Commons. If Johnson is the winner the elections on December 12, he would really like to have a Brexit package by parliament before Christmas. This can be mentioned inside a pre-publication by the Conservatives, which is officially posted on Weekend.

Johnson also reiterated today he recognizes no reason to extend the transition period after the Brexit. When asked whether he would prefer to be a perfect minister or take away the Uk from your EU, he have also been evident. I like to have us from your EU. I can tell you that.

Even though polls suggest that he cannot shed the selection, Johnson warns to not be “also smug.” According to the excellent minister, there exists still a risk that Jeremy Corbyn will shut a coalition federal government. Labour wish to wager on the “lightning measures” to win back voters.

Johnson, for that reason, tries to revive the excitement, like across the 2016 referendum. He well informed the Brexit proponents which they necessary their votes to succeed a success on 12 December. According to the excellent minister, his region is presently concentrating on “twelve business offers” and is also all set for the Brexit.

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