Blinken Does Not Rule Out Biden-Putin Meeting

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has not ruled out a meeting between President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin.


But the dialogue will remain at the level of the two foreign ministries, for now, he said Friday after meeting his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.

“We are ready for a presidential meeting if it is deemed useful,” Blinken told the press after the talk in Geneva. “But the outcome of the consultation will have to be evaluated first.” After the “frank and substantial” talks, Blinken confirmed that Washington would submit “ideas” in the form of written replies to Moscow next week.

Blinken also said the dialogue with Moscow would continue, emphasising that the United States would respond “to Russian aggression, including non-military aggression”. He also asked for “proof” that the Russians would not invade Ukraine and that Russian troops on the border with Ukraine would withdraw.

“It remains to be seen whether Russia will put in place mechanisms to ease tensions,” it said.

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