Biden Takes New Measures Against Gun Violence

US President Joe Biden on Tuesday announced a new set of measures to curb the proliferation of firearms. However, the impact of the measures is expected to be limited in the absence of federal legislation.

Later in the day, Biden will provide more information on California’s Monterey Park, where eleven people from the Asian community were killed in a shooting earlier this year.

The measures include an expansion of background checks for gun purchases. In addition, Biden wants to encourage the use of so-called “red flags” for potentially violent individuals and to address the explosion in the number of weapons reported as “stolen” or “lost” in transit between dealers.

The president also wants to pressure the powerful firearms industry by reporting sellers who have broken federal rules. He also “encourages” the independent Federal Trade Commission to issue a report on selling and promoting firearms to minors.

The American president realizes that he cannot do much about the many shootings, of which only the bloodiest make it to the media. This is because the federated states have jurisdiction over purchasing, possessing and carrying firearms. Only a federal law could change that, but it’s improbable to happen now that one of the two chambers of the US Congress is in the hands of Republicans.

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