Berlin: Russian Retaliation for Navalny Sanctions Unjust

Russian sanctions against Germany in connection with the poisoning case of Kremlin critic Aleksej Navalny are not in place, a spokesman for the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.


Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced on Thursday that Russia would retaliate sanctions against Germany and France.

“A Russian citizen has been attacked with a military nerve agent on Russian territory,” said Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman. “Russia has all the means to clear up this crime.

Instead, Russia’s Foreign Minister is announcing sanctions against officials from other countries. From the perspective of the German government, such a step is clearly unjustified and inappropriate. “

Navalny, who suddenly fell ill aboard a flight over Siberia on August 20, was flown to Berlin for treatment after a few days. Lavrov has said that Navalny may have been poisoned in Berlin, or onboard the flight there.

Alexei Navalny himself states that the Russian secret service poisoned him on the orders of President Vladimir Putin because he would have posed a danger in the run-up to the elections.

Navalny has been the prominent critic of Putin and corruption within the Russian government system and around it for years.

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