Belgium, Too, First Vaccinates Nursing Home Residents and Staff

Belgium will also first vaccinate residents and staff of institutions for the elderly against the coronavirus. Then follow hospital staff and other health care providers “on the front line”.


Then it is the turn of all elderly, middle-aged people with other complaints and people with a crucial profession, says the project leader of the Belgian vaccination campaign.

Suppose the European Union approves the first vaccine and the vaccination in Belgium can start on 5 January according to plan. In that case, it will take another week or two before the first injection can be done.

The first available vaccine will be that of BioNTech and Pfizer, and it will need to be kept cold enough to prevent storage and distribution being a headache.

Belgium is initially not getting enough vaccines to vaccinate all groups it wants to give priority to but hopes to get more in the course of the spring.

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