Belgium Shocked By the Murder of A Gay Man

The possible hate murder of a Flemish gay man stirs up a lot in Belgian politics. Prime Minister Alexander De Croo is “deeply shocked”.


The victim was found dead in a park in Beveren on Saturday. The forties had been stabbed and badly beaten in other ways.

The Belgian Public Prosecution Service has arrested several underage suspects. It investigates whether they tricked the man with a date appointment because they wanted to do something to him out of gay hatred.

Anger and upheaval accumulate on social media. Prime Minister De Croo speaks of “extreme homophobia in Beveren” and calls it “really terrible. Let one thing be clear: we will never accept this violence in our country.”

At least three boys would have agreed with the man in the park via a dating app, Belgian media notes from sources surrounding the investigation. They allegedly used a fake profile to lure him there.

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