Belgium is Breathing Again: the Threat of Vaccine Waste Averted

Belgium is no longer in danger of having to squander corona vaccines. An imminent shortage of syringes accurate enough to make full use of the delivered doses has been averted.


Pfizer and BioNTech, the developers of the first EU-approved corona vaccine, are supplying less of their vaccine since it became clear that 20 percent more people could be vaccinated with each batch than thought.

But it does require special syringes, in which very little of the charge remains. Belgium had too few of these. That could pose a problem for the vaccination campaign from mid-February, the government warned.

In the meantime, Belgium ordered additional haste orders and managed to secure delivery of the first million batches in a week or two.

This means that “deliveries of syringes will be able to keep up with the speed of vaccination”, says the Belgian pharmaceutical agency FAMHP.

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