Bali Prohibits Motorcycling for Foreigners

Foreigners can no longer drive a motorcycle on the Indonesian island of Bali. This is because, according to local authorities, foreigners are too often involved in accidents.

Renting a motorbike to explore the island is very popular, but this is now prohibited for tourists in Bali. According to Governor Wayan Koster, there is too much “disorder” by foreigners who “misbehave”. “The measure must guarantee quality and dignified tourism.”

It is not clear how the ban will be enforced. However, Koster has asked the Ministry of Justice to revoke the visas of tourists caught committing offences such as motorcycling and working illegally.

There have been several motorcycle accidents with tourists in Bali recently. Last month, a drunk tourist hit a local motorcyclist. He had to be hospitalized. And in January, two foreigners died after colliding with motorcycles.

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