Backpacking in Thailand – How to Travel Super Cheaply

A significant number of travellers and backpackers prefer backpacking Thailand not only because it offers many amazing attractions but also because backpacking in Thailand is super affordable. Thailand was once assumed to be a dirty and cheap country, but over the years the tourism rate in Thailand has grown so tremendously due to the entertainment and fun activities Thailand has to offer to its visitors at a cheap rate.


Tips for backpacking Thailand super cheaply


So, if you plan on backpacking Thailand then here are some tips that can help you in having a comfortable yet cheap stay.

1. Eat cheap in Thailand:
Food, in general, is super affordable in Thailand. You can eat cheap food by visiting local street foods. Don’t indulge in significant portions of meat and stick to simple dishes. Take a trip down the street, and you will be able to find food items at the cheapest rates. Instead of going to a fine dining restaurant, you can go to the local cafeteria-style dining as they are affordable and offer delicious food items.

2. Travel cheap when backpacking Thailand:
If you want to travel cheaply in Thailand then instead of booking transport from any tourist-oriented travel agency you should go to the central transportation office and get yourself tickets to travel at a low price. In this way, no one would be getting any commission. If you want to travel long distances in Thailand then going through trains is the cheapest way. It can be tiresome but very affordable. You can also ride in local buses when backpacking Thailand.

3. Stay at cheap places:
If you want to stay at an affordable but comfortable place in Thailand, then you can rent a hostel room and share it with two to three friends by dividing the rent of the room amongst each other. Make sure to choose a room with an outdoor fan instead of air-conditioned rooms to have an affordable stay in Thailand. Many hotels also offer reward points that you can use for getting a discount on future bookings.

4. Cheap places to visit:
The best possible thing about backpacking Thailand is that you can visit a significant number of places cheaply. Here is a list of the ten affordable places that you can visit in Thailand and still not get broke:
• Bangkok
• Mae Hong Son
• Chiang Rai
• Ubon Ratchathani
• Krabi Town
• Sangkhlaburi
• Cha Am
• Tonsai Bay, Railay Beach
• Loei
• Trang

5. Party in Thailand without spending a lot of money:
Thailand is known for its amazing parties and booze. If you’re on a tight budget when backpacking Thailand but still want to enjoy booze then forget about the bars and clubs and simply go to the convenience stores to get yourself the cheapest booze.

Backpacking in Thailand is not expensive at all if you plan correctly. Getting the cheapest form of transportation might take a lot of time, but it would be worth it at the end of the day. You can now easily travel with a budget in Thailand and still enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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