Austrian Chancellor Kurz Does Corona Test in Front of the Camera

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has undergone a corona test in front of the camera in a screening centre in Vienna.


With this, he wanted to bring even more attention to the large-scale test campaign in his country, because it has not yet been trendy among Austrians.

“I ask the population to participate,” Kurz said to the journalists present. “It’s better to spend half an hour on a test than to spend weeks in lockdown.”

In the massive test campaign in Vienna, around 20,000 people have been tested every day since Friday, although there is room for 150,000 people per day. Mass testing ends next Sunday in Vienna.

In the province of Tyrol, less than a third of the population showed up in the large-scale test campaign from Monday to Sunday.

Despite the disappointing turnout, Kurz said he was satisfied because 1,000 new infections have already been discovered. The voluntary testing plan was announced at the end of November and aimed to slow the transmission of the virus.

Austria decided on Sunday, despite the still worrying number of new contamination cases, not to extend the lockdown. On Monday the shops, museums and schools reopened.

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