At Least 16 Firefighters Injured in Many Fires in London, Major Disruption to Train Traffic

At least 16 firefighters were injured during Tuesday’s extinguishing operation in the British capital London. Two emergency workers are temporarily cared for in the hospital.


Deputy fire chief Jonathan Smith confirmed this to British radio station Times Radio on Wednesday. There is also major disruption to rail traffic in the country.

London’s fire brigade received more than 1,000 emergency calls on Tuesday, the hottest day ever recorded in the country. London Mayor Sadiq Khan said it was the busiest day for the fire service since World War II.

Despite the lower temperatures on Wednesday, Smith warns of more fires due to the dry ground. In addition, nine people have died in swimming accidents in Great Britain since Saturday.

The heat wave in Britain is also causing major disruption to rail traffic in the country. Due to extreme heat, dozens of trains were cancelled or delayed on Wednesday morning due to problems with the tracks, signalling systems, and overhead wires.

British railway company National Rail is asking travellers to only move if necessary and said it worked hard on Tuesday night to solve the problems.

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