Argentina is Also Starting to Vaccinate Against Coronavirus

Argentina started a vaccination campaign on Tuesday to combat the feared coronavirus. Among the first to collect the Russian vaccine, Sputnik V in front of the camera was the governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof.


He told local media that he was proud to commit to the vaccination. The 49-year-old provincial governor is not part of the target group but wants to give the population confidence that there is nothing wrong with the Russian vaccine from the Gamaleja research centre in Moscow.

There is a lot of suspicion about the drug that was approved and registered in Russia relatively quickly. It is also a relatively inexpensive vaccine.

A prominent member of the Argentine governmental council for scientific and technical research, Sandra Pitti, has argued in the media that she will definitely not be injected with Sputnik V because far too little is known about the drug.

She has accused Argentine President Alberto Fern√°ndez of not knowing what he is doing with the Russian stuff.

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