Apple Wanted to Set Up Its Own Clinics

Tech company Apple had planned a few years ago to enter healthcare. The company would have wanted to set up its own clinics in the United States, writes business newspaper The Wall Street Journal on the basis of insiders.


However, those plans came to nothing.

Apple wanted to turn the healthcare sector in the US upside down with the clinics. The clinics’ patients should be monitored with the Apple Watch, smartwatches including heart rate sensors.

Ultimately, according to the newspaper, Apple abandoned the plan and focused on selling more smartwatches. For the Apple Watch, the company is reportedly still working on ways to measure glucose and blood pressure.

In addition to a heart rate monitor, there is now also a meter for the amount of oxygen in the blood.

An Apple spokesperson said the report from The Wall Street Journal is based on incomplete, outdated and inaccurate information. According to the spokesman, Apple is only at the beginning of its work in the health field.

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