Anonymous Announces New Cyber Attacks on Russia

Hackers group Anonymous wants to carry out new cyberattacks on the Russian government on Friday. According to the collective, those attacks will be more intense than Thursday’s.


“We are convinced that sanctions will not affect Putin’s criminal regime. We call on countries that support Ukraine to cut ties with Russia and expel Russian ambassadors,” Anonymous said. According to the group, the fight in Ukraine is not a fight between NATO and Russia, “but between democracy and fascism”.

Thursday’s cyberattacks allegedly shut down the network of Russian state television RT. The websites of the Kremlin, the Russian parliament, the defence ministry in Moscow and other government services were also down on Thursday, but it is not clear whether this was due to cyber attacks.

Anonymous is an international group of hackers, but it is not known who belongs to the group. They regularly carry out digital attacks on governments. For example, they have previously attacked the computer systems of the United States and China.

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