Amazon Will Permanently Monitor Drivers

Amazon has plans for a video system in its Prime cars. This would make parcel suppliers almost permanently monitored.


The system would be provided by Netradyne and will contain cameras and artificial intelligence that will analyze the driver as he or she drives through the streets.

In doing so, the AI must, for example, pay attention to the road, reports tech site The Information, which is based on a non-public Amazon video on video platform Vimeo.

The cameras would be built into Amazon’s own cars, which are currently mainly used in the US. The online retailer uses third parties such as DHL for most packages in our country.

The system must ensure the safety of the drivers, Amazon reports in the video. The cameras are permanently on and save everything, and they can also automatically upload images when the AI detects a problem.

The camera should also provide real-time advice, including ‘drive slower’.

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