Almost All Recently Deceased Israel Corona Patients Have Not Been Vaccinated

More than 97 percent of the people who died of the coronavirus in Israel last month were not vaccinated. So said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who tried to urge his countrymen to get vaccinated.


“I will share with you a shocking fact,” the prime minister told reporters. He said 1,536 corona patients have died in his country in the past thirty days. “Less than 3 percent had been vaccinated.” He emphasized that people can save their lives by getting vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Israel is the global leader in vaccination. About 38 percent of the 9 million inhabitants have had at least a first injection. Everyone over the age of 16 can now be vaccinated, and asylum seekers and migrants in Tel Aviv are also eligible for a corona vaccine.

According to the municipality, foreigners can go to the Ichilov hospital in the city. Migrants do not need health insurance and do not have to pay for the vaccination, according to a flyer with explanations in English, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic and Tigrinya. They do need an identity card or visa, but that may also have expired.

Thousands of asylum seekers from Sudan and Eritrea live in Israel. That flyer also emphasizes that the migration service will not check at the vaccination centre in the hospital. Illegals do not have to fear that they will be caught and deported there.

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