AliExpress Will Offer Customers In The Netherlands To Pay Later

AliExpress Will offer Customers in the Netherlands to pay Later. AliExpress, the marketplace of Alibaba, will make it possible for customers to pay for their order later.


The Chinese concern is working with Adyen in the Netherlands and Klarna in Sweden.

It is then effortless for customers to order products to try at home.

If the product is not satisfactory, the customer can still send it back without paying in advance.

According to Klarna, this will ensure that more will be ordered per order and that customers will be less likely to exclude products from their shopping cart.

Adyen takes care of the payment page and Klarna the payment solution so that customers can pay afterwards.

The service is first offered in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Finland.

Later the parties want to provide the option in more markets.

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