Again 30 People Kidnapped in Nigeria

Again 30 People Kidnapped in Nigeria. In the north of Nigeria, thirty people were kidnapped, and two others were killed in various attacks in the state of Kaduna. Multiple sources have reported that.


“On Friday around 18.25 hours 22 people were kidnapped by armed bandits between the villages of Udawa and Labi,” said the spokesman for local emir or traditional leader. “The criminals, who were armed and moved on the motor, stopped seven vehicles and kidnapped everyone, even a young mother and her baby.”

Earlier in the day, ten people were also kidnapped by the same armed men, it still sounds. Two people did not survive the attacks.

According to the spokesman, the kidnappers have already contacted the mother’s husband to claim 5 million Nigerian nairas (11,800 euro) in ransom in exchange for her release and that of her child.

In the former two months, the number of kidnappings requiring ransom in the region has risen sharply. The criminal gangs, who also steal the cattle from the inhabitants and control the illegal gold trade, come from the neighbouring state of Zamfara.

In May, a hundred people were abducted in two days in the same region. The victims are normally released after a few days after a ransom is paid.

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